Welcome To GCS Textiles India pvt.ltd

GCS TEXTILES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is a new Private Limited Company established during May 2015 with the objective of manufacturing of cotton and blended cotton yarns in Open End Spinning.

About Our Company

GCS TEXTILES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is involved in Blended cotton yarn, spinning, Cotton yarn, spinning, Preparation of cotton fiber including blended cotton, Spinning of cotton fiber including blended cotton, Yarn of blended cotton, spinning, Yarn of cotton.

PSG Family

The PSG family’s origin can be traced back to the 17th Century as per the recorded history of the family. The family belonged to the Kammavar sect of the Naidu community. Shri Ganga Naidu, the forefather of the PSG family was the person who founded settlement for their community people in the place called Poolaimedu on November 11, 1711 with the unstinted support and co-operation of the other Kamma immigrants.colleges, various industries. PSG group was founded by Mr.P.S Govindasamy. He had 4 sons. Third son Mr.Ganganaidu had 3 sons. Ganganaidu's second son was Govindasamy Naidu.  His only daughter is Mrs.Chitra. Mr.Sivaraj is her only son. Both his mother and her Grand mother are Directors in this firm.

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